We believe in simple, elegant design. We bring acrylic, metal and light together in new and interesting ways and our products are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  We use only the finest materials and stand behind every piece.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied you can return your piece for a full refund. For more information please contact us

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We work with businesses to create eye catching logo displays for presentation and promotion.


Our awards and trophies are unique and one of a kind.


Trade Shows, Expos, Special Events. We ​create, brand and maintain a unique lead capture landing page for you.


We create one of a kind custom lighted gifts.

Receive a Quote

Our designs are unique because they use two pieces of acrylic with different colors.

If you have a favorite quote, saying or design we can also customize a piece for you.

Our custom designs are very reasonably priced and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our illuminations make great lighted accents and look amazing.

At night, they cast a colorful peaceful glow and make great night lights.

Because they use a 5 volt LED strip they consume very little energy and can be displayed "on" all day and night.

Below are a few of our custom designs.

We are constantly creating new ones, so please check back frequently.

You can also follow us on instagram which we update with new designs as they come out.


Let's get started

STEP 1 - Fill Out Quote Form

Give us as much detail as possible.  You can also upload a file - Adobe Illustrator is best

STEP 2 - Clarify & Review

We will send you a quote and make sure we have everything we need to design your illumination.

STEP 3 - Tell Us to Start

Approve your quote and we will get started on design, proof approval and production


training to you
Hand etched sapphire glass in 12 inch wide gold base
delux grill + shushi
Health Now Expo
Health Now Expo illumination - 12 inches
Oppie Coffee
Oppie Coffee - 12 inch
DMM QR Code illumination
QR Code Marketing illumination for Desert Mobile Medical - we build and maintain the landing page as a part of our service. Contacts are forwarded via email in real time.
urbanluxe real estate
oppie cafe
This sign is part of OPPIE Coffee's cafe' at their CO-HOOTS Office location in Phoenix - 20 inches tall
How Many are Coming to Dinner
Eyes of Ellen reproduction in lighted acrylic - 12 inches wide
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Our track is available in 4 different colors - silver, blue, gold and red

Our track is also available in 4 different sizes - 6 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch and 24 inch

All backgrounds are available in: Purple, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Red.

360 view of ejlit multitrac LED aluminum base with micro USB port

My name is Rick Millard.  I'm originally from the Bay Area, California but I now call Phoenix, Arizona home.

I've always been fascinated by light and its properties. Especially the way light interacts with etched glass and acrylic.  As light gives life to our planet, so light also gives life and dimension to designs etched into glass and acrylic.  I started ejlit to create artwork and illustrations that take advantage of the unique properties of reflected and refracted light.

Display them at home or at the office as a daily reminder of your own special intention. 

My illuminations refract, reflect and mix colored light in very interesting ways.  They give off a warm glow at night and cast interesting patterns on their surroundings.  Because they are illuminated with a 5 volt LED strip, they consume very little energy and can be displayed "on" all the time.

My sincere hope is that you will get as much enjoyment out of viewing them as I did in creating them.

Thank you.