We believe in simple, elegant design. We bring acrylic, metal and light together in new and interesting ways and our products are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  We use only the finest materials and stand behind every piece.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied you can return your piece for a full refund. For more information please contact us

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QR Code / SMS Marketing Illuminations

Lead Capture

Coupons / Sales

Appointment Reminder

Home Listing Info

Weekly Specials

Lead Follow-up


Event Reminders

Daily Devotionals

Customer Appreciation

We want to help you attract attention and stay connected to your customers.  Our illuminations are the ultimate attention getter.  We make it easy to connect and stay connected to your customers

You get a unique QR code illumination and logo design as well as a text short code and key word to opt customers and prospects into your SMS marketing campaign and capture their contact information.

  • Customizable auto responder

  • Include link for additional information

  • Control message frequency and content

  • Promote weekly specials

  • Sign customers in

  • Encourage participation with Text 2 Win option

  • Generic hosted lead capture (Free)

  • Your URL redirect (Free)

  • Custom hosted lead capture (see below)

  • Promote your special

  • Sign customers in

From your account dashboard you can view, maintain and download your prospects contact information. You can also schedule text marketing messages and change auto responder messages to match current marketing campaigns.

  • Reporting

  • Auto Responder

  • Age Verification

  • 2-Way Messaging

  • Drip Messages

  • Text Scheduler

  • Text 2 Win

  • Text 2 Vote

  • Text 4 Info

  • Web Widget

  • QR Code Generator

  • Multiple Users

  • and much more

SMS Monthly Plan Rates

Set up Charges

One time set up fee $100

Additional key word set up charge $6 (first one is Free)

Additional key word monthly charge $3 (first key word is Free)

Design and Hosting

Redirect to customer site (Free)

Generic Hosted Landing Page (Free)

Custom Designed Landing Page ($100 set up)

Landing Page Hosting ($10 / month)

Illumination Design ($300 min)